Congratulations! You are ready to schedule your first orthodontic consultation. You have decided now is the time and are ready to start your orthodontic treatment. Yay! That is a huge step that you have completed but, don’t sit back and relax just yet, there is a bit more work to be done to ensure maximum success. We here at Simply Orthodontics are here to ensure the process goes as simply as possible (ok, we promise that is the only pun) when scheduling your first orthodontic consultation.


Are you looking just for improvement? Or are you looking for movie star perfect teeth that would earn you a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Clarify your goals in your head so you can explain what you would like to achieve to the doctor during your consultation. Once the doctor knows what is important to you and what is not important to you, they can fine-tune your treatment plan to help you achieve just that. 


Before your consultation, money matters also matter. Consider your financial situation and how your treatment will fit into your overall budget. Would you be able and willing to pay the cost of your treatment in full? There are some benefits to doing so. Many offices will give you a discount if you pay in full. If you would prefer setting up monthly payments, consider how much you are comfortable making as a down payment. Some offices may charge interest for monthly payments, so be sure to check the policies for the office you are visiting. At Simply Orthodontics, we offer no-interest in-house financing to make orthodontics fit into your budget easier. In most cases, our down payment minimum is only $1!


To make your consultation as easy as possible, walk in the front door with a clear idea of what treatment you would most be interested in. Are you interested in Invisalign or bursting to have braces? Both treatments achieve the same goals but fit into different lifestyles. To get a clear understanding of the differences between the two, check out the blog post ( that we wrote on the differences between braces and Invisalign. It is helpful to do a little research on your own so you can come prepared with a list of questions.


We only want to move healthy teeth! Before your consultation, make your way to your dentist and get a good cleaning done. If you have any cavities, get those filled. While we are more than happy to see you for a consultation at any time, if it has been more than six months since your last cleaning, we ask you to schedule one before starting treatment at our office.. So get ahead of the schedule, call up your dentist (we know they’ve been bothering you to schedule), and get everything squared away before you step in for the easiest experience.


Make sure the offices in your area are in a convenient location for you. Please remember you will be visiting this office every 6-10 weeks so find a location that will work best for you. Outside of appointments, you may need to stop by the office to pick up aligners, elastics or to have a bracket or attachment repaired. Your orthodontic office is fitting into your life and your schedule! This will be a regular spot that you visit so, if there is an office 30 miles away that has no parking available, maybe consider whether this office is the best for you. Find an office that will work with you.


This visit is for you and for taking care of you.You want to feel your best and to focus on the appointment as you will be receiving a lot of important information prior to your appointment . Brush and floss your teeth prior to the appointment so your mind won’t be stuck on whether that pesky spinach is still nudged into your teeth. Also, please note that your orthodontic office will be taking full records of you, including x-rays and facial photos. Dress accordingly. Earrings need to be taken off for x-rays so, if you choose to wear them, ensure they are a pair that is easy to take off to minimize the amount of bloopers. Maybe shelve the hats and sunglasses for the day so your face will be visible in photos. This is all for you and your benefit.

Our braces and Invisalign consultations at Simply Orthodontics are complimentary and spots are limited. Hurry and schedule your appointment with us today.