As we celebrate our third anniversary here at Simply Orthodontics, I can’t help but think back to the time when having my own practice was just a dream – and quite an overwhelming one at that! Words like ‘financial suicide’, ‘too hard’ and ‘too risky’ were coming at me thick and fast. What was I thinking? I had four kids – did I really want to do this?

But I didn’t want to be defined by what people around me were telling me. What’s the worst thing that could happen by taking this risk? It was my dream to have my own practice in the community I lived in. My dream to be able to serve others and be a blessing to the people I serve. To “be the reason people smile.” I’ve learned in these past years that orthodontists are natural pleasers – they love to see people happy, and I’m no exception. So why not do what I was designed to do – make people smile?!

I decided to take a leap of faith knowing that, if worst came to worst, those who cared most about me would still be around to support me. As Denis Waitley once said: “Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing.”


When I look back over these past three years, I am amazed and grateful at how Simply Orthodontics has grown from a dream into a full scale practice. I am so grateful to all those who have supported me, and thankful that I have also been able to fulfill my dream of giving back to our community.

Of course, I could never have done this without my family, my wife and our kids – my biggest cheerleaders! Hardly a day passes when one of them is not wearing a Simply Orthodontics T-shirt. My wife is the backbone of my dreams and is always there to help me make wise decisions.


Thanks also to my wonderful staff – the lifeblood of Simply Orthodontics in Irvine! They serve with smiles and share the same vision of being passionate for people as I do. (If they don’t let me know!)

I also want to thank the various local dentists, who entrust me to take care of their patients. I will continue to treat them as you do.

I am so grateful for all the wonderful people of Irvine. You all help me to live out my dream of serving the community. Thank you.


And to our patients who choose to come and see us, I also say a heartfelt thanks. Thanks for understanding our values and choosing to be a part of our family. You too have taken a leap of faith, but I hope it’s obvious that we are here to serve you and your family as our own.


I look forward to many more years of serving you all! Please visit our practice if you haven’t already, and choose to be embraced!