Here at Simply Orthodontics, we see patients of all ages, with a host of different orthodontic issues. From an outsider’s perspective, you might think all braces look the same. But when you drill a little deeper, you’ll find no two sets of teeth are alike, and each person’s reasons for visiting the orthodontist are equally as varied.

Photo by Lisa Hu Chen

One patient we have loved working with at Simply Orthodontics is 13-year-old Chloe, whom we first met in mid-2016 when her mom, Julie, came searching for answers.

We’ll let Julie tell their story:

“Chloe got braces for the first time back in December 2014 with another orthodontist,” explains Julie.

“Her case was more complicated than most. She had a number of teeth that hadn’t come through yet, and a couple of her wisdom teeth were growing in crooked and could have become impacted.

“After 18 months of wearing braces, the other orthodontist wanted to take them off and wait several years to do phase two. Up until this point, we hadn’t seen much progress at all and were getting rather frustrated. That’s when someone told us about Dr Shung.”

Julie brought Chloe to Simply Orthodontics in mid-2016, to get a second opinion.

“So often you find that people just want to give you the same answer they give everyone else. They are not willing to think outside the square,” says Julie.

“When we spoke to Dr Shung, he came up with a bunch of creative solutions to help Chloe. I feel like I can trust him because I know he’s thinking it through and not just giving you the same cookie cutter solution that he gives everyone else. He treated my kid as an individual. We were so grateful for that. Getting braces is a big investment, so you want to know that you’re getting a solution that’s going to be successful.”

Chloe is excited to see her teeth straightening up and is hoping to have her braces off by the time she starts high school next year.

Thank you, Julie, for sharing your experience with others. We are so appreciative of your family!