My youngest son, as inquisitive as he is, asked me once, “Why is it always women and children first when there is a fire or a hostage situation? Daddy, what about you!?”  I never really thought about that, but then I realized, for most guys, it’s just a Dad thing to do– to be self sacrificial for the people around you and to serve your loved ones before yourself.  

Fathers tend to get lost in the mix of the world of work and trying to support their loved ones.  We get beat down day in and day out with activities, finances, family, work, stress, trying to stay healthy, and needing outlets. Our minds are filled with thoughts, but we keep it together to make our families feel secure.  Even on Father’s Day a lot of these men are thinking, “Well what would be best for my family and what do they want to do?” As I get older, I’m feeling the strains of life as I’m sure many fathers do.  Life takes its toll and we forget about ourselves and continue to grind through every day. Days pass so fast like a blur.

Dads need some loving, too!  I believe most fathers have their children’s best interest in their minds.  We make mistakes, but we’re trying our best.  Give your dad a hug and tell him how much you appreciate them this Father’s Day.  We are softies inside and sometimes all we need is some reassurance that we are doing alright.  Cheers to all the dads out there and please remember to stop by and enjoy a beer on the house at Simply Orthodontics in Irvine.