simply-orthodontics-invisible-bracesDid you know that many folks who would have never considered braces because of the way it makes them look while they’re in the treatment period? This has always been the “toss-up” for people who’s teeth are nearly perfect but still could use a little work. They realize that the trade-off might not have been there; to have the look and feel of metal in their mouths for a few years only to make a minor improvement on their smile.

“Invisible Braces”

Well, there is good news if this is you. Did you know that orthodontic treatments are now virtually unnoticed from just a few feet away? Watch this amazing video below for more information on how new technologies are helping people just like you to get an even more amazing smile!

If you think you’d like to come in for a free consultation and hear your options, you might be in for a big surprise. Not only will you look amazing during your treatment time, but the duration of your treatment can be very short in comparison with legacy braces. So give us a call, your Irvine orthodontics office is waiting to hear from you! – Simply Orthodontics