I know a lot of people out there think of Valentine’s Day and their initial reaction is: “OMG another day of overpriced restaurants, overpriced flowers, and useless gifts. It’s just a holiday invented by Hallmark.” Even I had this mindset for many years. I have experienced the struggle of trying to book dinner reservations at terrible restaurants and not even enjoying it. I have tracked the delivery of expensive flowers and stressing out that the bouquet may not arrive on time.

Over the pandemic, I have come to realize Valentine’s day is not about dinners, flowers, and chocolates. The significance of this day is about celebrating your loved ones and being loved. It’s about being the best person for those around you that you love and care about the most. It’s about the loved ones that make your bad days into good ones. It’s about loved ones that give you songs when you don’t have one to sing anymore. It’s about the loved ones who send you messages at the perfect times when you feel like nothing can make you feel better. It’s about the loved ones who fill you with sunshine when you feel dark. It’s about the loved ones who make you smile even when you are at your saddest moments.

Sometimes, when you don’t feel great about yourself it’s hard to be that loved one for others. I’ve come to cherish Valentine’s Day because I feel loved. The loved ones around me make me smile and I can give people around me my best. Give the gift of love to a loved one around you. Be the reason they smile. Happy Valentine’s Day! We love you at Simply Orthodontics in Irvine. Come visit us, we want to be the reason you smile.