We get this question a lot.  I understand people want to shop around and just get prices, but your smile is not a car or insurance where you can just get a quote.  Every orthodontist in Irvine does not think and do things the same way, or diagnose the same, or provide the same services.  See my blog on “What to Look for When Choosing an Orthodontist.”  Be wary of ads that say “braces for $2000 dollars” because it will never be just $2000 dollars.  There are always extras attached to that.
Orthodontics is an art and a science and a process.  It takes time to straighten out your teeth and do it right.  There are 32 teeth in the mouth, and no one person has the same tooth size, jaw size and facial shape. Even twins have different issues! Check out these identical twins, for example. They may look the same, but they both have completely different orthodontic issues!

frontal-intraoral-photo2-1024x768 frontal-intraoral-photo-1024x768

We diagnose and treat you based on your goals and the complexity of your case.  Our consultation involves a detailed diagnosis of your teeth and facial structure.  After that, we are able to give you a treatment investment that fits your goals.   Our consultation is complimentary so getting an accurate quote is easy and there are no surprises.  If someone gives you a quote over the phone…I would be hesitant!