If you have been following our social media feeds lately, you may have noticed that we have been all over the Irvine community volunteering, sponsoring events, and making donations. One of my favorite things to hear when we are at an event is, “We see you everywhere!” This just gives me affirmation that our involvement within the community has been noticed and that we are making a positive impact.


When I opened up my orthodontic practice in Irvine a year and a half ago, I knew that one of my top priorities was to give back to the community that I love as much as I possibly could. I live in Woodbury myself, walking distance from the Woodbury Town Center in which my office is located (the best commute EVER). Four of my five children attend Woodbury Elementary School. Irvine is my city, too. Helping bring people together creates a safer environment that is beneficial to all of our children.

I always wanted my practice to be an outward focused practice in that people benefit from us being in the community. I never realized how much support schools, charities, and members of the community needed until I began to reach out to others. Opportunities to help are plentiful. We have grown to a point where others know that they can count on us to assist them when they are in need.




If you need us to hand out popsicles or water at a school jog-a-thon in 85 degrees weather, count us in! Do you need 2,000 toothbrushes for a community Halloween event? We’re on it! One of our patients was struggling to fund a party for her classmates so we threw one for her. Last school year, we awarded three teachers a total of $800 for being amazing educators for our children as part of Teacher Appreciation Week. This month, we collected over 800 pounds of candy to ship to our Troops overseas and will be donating another $800 to an Irvine middle school’s PTSA for winning our Candy Buy Back contest.




Currently, we are sponsoring a Food Drive benefitting a local food pantry. We will match each donation made in our office. We are also partnering with one of our patient’s parents to give a discount on adorable pajama sets just in time for Christmas. Ten dollars will be donated per pajama set purchase to the Orangewood Foundation in Santa Ana.




Although Irvine is a somewhat large city, we find that it is made out of tight-knit communities. Since I am a people person, I love being an orthodontist and building relationships with my patients and their families. Without these relationships, I feel like a practice could get lost.  I love supporting people because I know how much I count on them for their support.


It is such an immense honor being a part of this great Irvine community.


Simply Orthodontics is about community. If you have any needs that we can support, please contact us and we would love to support you!