While some patients who come in for their initial consultation at our Irvine orthodontist office already know exactly what they want, there are many who are absolutely stumped. Some patients don’t even know that they can choose for themselves!

For most cases, Simply Orthodontics in Irvine is able to achieve all of your goals with braces or Invisalign equally. Patients who come in for their initial complimentary consultation with Dr. Shung have been able to choose Invisalign when they were previously turned away by others.

The key is finding an orthodontist who is confident and skilled with the Invisalign technology. This only comes to those doctors who have done hundreds of cases. We at Simply Orthodontics are Invisalign Diamond Providers in Irvine and have earned that status from Invisalign by our expertise and treating multiple cases with success.

So if you’re able to choose Invisalign or braces with the same results and finish your treatment within the same time frame, which option should you choose? Here are some things to consider when making your decision.

Invisalign advantages:

  • Clear and ridiculously discreet
  • No food restrictions
  • Fewer visits
  • Shorter visits
  • Fewer emergency visits
  • Nothing poking or rubbing against your mouth
  • Better oral hygiene. Brush and floss your teeth as normal
  • Better at correcting certain bite issues

Invisalign disadvantages:

  • Must remove to eat
  • Possibility of losing aligners
  • Must wear 22 hours a day
  • Lag time with treatment changes due to manufacturing and shipping

Braces advantages:

  • Always on your teeth, thus always working
  • We do all the work
  • Better at correcting certain bite issues
  • No lag time in treatment changes

Braces disadvantages:

  • Visible (although you can choose clear ceramic brackets)
  • No crunchy, sticky, chewy foods
  • More effort in keeping your teeth clean
  • Possible broken brackets and wire pokes
  • Longer and more frequent visits

There is always a financial differential on both modalities and, in the end, the choice between braces or Invisalign typically comes down to a lifestyle choice. The key to Invisalign success is compliance. You will hear that “C” word all the time in our office. Since we are relying on you to wear your aligners to get the results you want, you have to ask yourself, “Will I wear these as directed?”

If you do intermittent fasting, Invisalign will be easy for you. If you like to snack throughout the day or eat all the Costco samples (who doesn’t), Invisalign will be a difficult fit in your daily routine.

Still not sure which option you want to choose? Come in for your complimentary consultation in our Irvine orthodontist office and our team at Simply Orthodontics will guide you to success.