Growing up on the East Coast, Spring was easily one of my favorite seasons.  Winters were long and brutal, but around the start of Spring, the weather would start to get warmer.  People would be outside, birds would be chirping, and flowers started blooming. The days got longer and color came back to the city.  Your mood would instantly change and all those things you wanted to do outside you could start doing for yourself.  Yardwork, traveling, hiking, running outside, and exercise– you could finally tackle all those New Year’s resolutions you were missing out on since the weather was nicer and daylight hung out a little longer. 

Everything seems to come to life again. Spring is a representation of new life, light, seeds, new beginnings and the start of new paths.  I can relate to people that get into slumps. I have people around me reminding me daily and the nature that surrounds me that life is not cold and dark like the winter, but colorful and that every day is a blessing.  Life has its challenges every day, but life also has its beauty.  Take this spring as an opportunity to spring into a new smile for you or your loved ones.  It’s a start to a new beginning of something you’ve always wanted done or to do for someone.  Please reach out to us at Simply Orthodontics in Irvine!  We want to be the reason you smile this spring!