The Invisalign site is a great place if you are thinking about getting treatment. The benefits of straight teeth and how Invisalign works can be see on their website!
If you are a new Invisalign patient refer to these guidelines to help you on your journey!
Do’s for Success!

  • Wear the aligners at least 22 hrs per day. Take them out only when you eat and brush your teeth. “When they aren’t in your case they are in your face

  • Keep your aligners in the given storage cases when they aren’t in your mouth. This keeps them from getting lost. Replacements are not cheap.

  • Refer to your instruction booklet for guidance or always feel free to contact us with any questions!

  • Keep the aligners clean. Use a toothbrush an brush the inside and out. A denture brush is a good tool to purchase to keep them clean. If they start getting dingy you can soak in a mixture of peroxide baking soda and water.

  • Use chewies or the bite tube to help seat your trays. This ensures a snug fit and proper movement of your teeth.

  • Keep one aligner prior in case you lose or break your current aligner to hold your teeth in a position so we can replace your next aligner.

  • Change your aligners as instructed. And monitor your progress. The aligner should fit snug there should be no gaps between the aligner and your teeth.

    Poor fitting aligners that are not tracking

    If you see gaps either use the chew stick more frequently or wear the aligner longer until the gap disappears.  Also use the chewies more to help the tray seat.


  • Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Do Not’s for treatment delays

  • Put your aligners on a food tray! You will for sure accidentally throw them out!

  • Wrap aligners in a napkin and place in your pocket or purse, you will forget about them and break them

  • Change the aligners at your own pace.

  • Stop wearing them if your teeth are sore. Soreness tell you your teeth are moving!

  • Leave them sitting in a hot place. Leaving your aligners in a hot place like your car or by a heater can cause the aligners to fit or distort.

  • Drink hot liquids with the aligners. This may distort the aligners because they are heat sensitive.

What ifs
I lose or break my current aligner?
If you lose or break the current aligner and the next one fits simply start wearing the next aligners.
If you lose or break the current aligner and the next one does not fit wear the previous aligner and we can order a new aligner for you. There is a fee for replacement aligners and it takes about 2-3 weeks to replace. This will delay your treatment.
an attachment breaks?
This is happens do not worry. Give us a call and we can replace the attachment with your current aligner. Continue wearing the aligner until we fix it for you.
the aligner is scratching my gums, cheeks or lips?
A simple remedy is to use a nail file or emory board to smooth the area that’s bothering you on the aligner. If you don’t feel comfortable we can fix it for you.
Invisalign is a great way to straighten your teeth! Just follow these simple steps for success and you will finish with a great result and on time!