So you all now know that I’m colorblind, but do you know I am left handed as well?!

Interesting Facts About Lefties:
10% of the population are left handed
Left handed people die earlier than right handed people
Left handed people don’t perform as well in school
May be caused by the mother stressing out during pregnancy
Are more likely to go insane
5 of the last 7 presidents are left handed
Are more advantageous in sports
This article writes why us lefties are so unfortunate:
I can’t speak for all lefties, but I can speak for myself. Unfortunately, I don’t get the sports benefit because all my fine motor skills are left handed, but my gross motor skills (used for sports!) are right. Aghhh! Get this… I play tennis with my right hand, but play ping pong with my left. I’m all messed up. For you righties who don’t think we have it tough, the next time you see someone taking a test in those big auditoriums look where the desk pulls out…THE RIGHT!


I can see why lefties might struggle in school. There was rarely a pair of left handed scissors when I was in school so I had to learn just to start cutting with my right or search for a pair of left handed scissors. I always had ink smeared on my hand because the whole English language writes from left to right. Our wrists are always contorted when trying to write on any spiral bound notebooks or three ring binders. We had to spend extra effort learning things in school unlike righties.
So many other things are made for right handed people. Door knobs and handles are made for right handed people. The mouse is always on the right! It’s hard to wear a watch because it gets in the way of writing. If you ever notice the watch’s stem faces outward if you wear it on the left arm, but inward if you wear it on the right so it makes no sense to wear a watch on the right hand. Tethered pens at the bank are the worst! AGHH! Even in dental school it was a huge ordeal to get the operatories to work for left handed people. Dental assistants aren’t used to working with left handed dentists. It never ends for us.
I’m not complaining though. I’ve gotten so used to it that it doesn’t bother me. People don’t even notice that I’m left handed unless they are really looking. There is a myth that left handed people are smarter and more artistic. I’ll take that stigma! So next time you look around at everyday things, notice how right handed the world really is! I just hope I don’t go insane anytime soon…
Famous Left Handed People:
Kermit the Frog (Cartoon)
Bart Simpson (Cartoon)
Leonardo Da Vinci (Renaissance Man)
Morgan Freeman (Actor)
Simon Shung (Orthodontist)
Just kidding! Just checking to see if you read the whole thing.