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Article provided by: 90210 Recovery

Rehab Center Los Angeles

90210 Recovery is the #1 rehab center in Los Angeles, accepting new patients even during the pandemic. Rehab treatment is an essential service, and we have a dedicated and selfless clinical team working relentlessly during these turbulent times to provide patients with the highest-quality treatment.

Should COVID-19 prevent going to rehab?

If you are considering postponing rehab treatment until the coronavirus cases subside, you may be committing a terrible mistake. The cases of alcohol poisoning and drug ODs are on the rise, and by postponing rehab, you are only putting your own life at risk. The risks of OD deaths and mishaps outweigh the risk of getting infected by the novel coronavirus, and hundreds of people lose their lives each day in America due to OD, seizures, heart attack, and psychotic episodes caused by long-term addiction.

Also, there are no reports to suggest that Los Angeles alcohol use treatment centers host any relevant coronavirus outbreaks So, to answer your question, you shouldn't let the pandemic stop you from seeking addiction and substance abuse treatment in Los Angeles.

How COVID-19 impact people with an addiction?            

An alcohol addict is more vulnerable to the impact of coronavirus as most people with an addiction problem suffer from a compromised immune system. If you have a severe drinking problem, there is a good chance that you suffer from irregular heartbeat, poor heart health, high blood pressure, pancreatitis, liver cirrhosis, fibrosis, etc.

Having even one of these conditions puts your life at great risk, should you contract the virus. The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that the coronavirus poses a fatal threat to individuals with an alcohol or substance use disorder. Make sure to join a top rehab center at the earliest to improve your immunity and overall wellness.

How to keep rehab patients safe during the pandemic

One American dies every 19 minutes due to drug overdose, regardless of the pandemic. While COVID-19 has forced most of the country to go into lockdowns, our Los Angeles CA rehab center is still open. We employ the highest standard of safety measures to keep our facility and patients' safe from contracting the coronavirus such as:

  1. Regularly testing all our residential and new patients for COVID-19. In addition to testing, we place all our new patients in isolation for 24 hours to ensure that they do not have any symptoms.
  2. All our programs comply with the social-distancing guidelines. We have an adequate supply of hand sanitizer and N95 masks for the safety and protection of our patients and staff members.
  3. At our Los Angeles drug rehabilitation center, we have implemented an enhanced cleaning protocol and use CDC approved cleaning supplies to disinfect all the porous and non-porous surfaces in our premises.

If you struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction, call us at 844-462-8571 or visit our website, and our Los Angeles alcohol use therapist will help you with details on admissions at our rehab center in Los Angeles. 90210 Recovery is one of the leading, reliable, trustworthy, and safest places to seek treatment from during COVID-19. 

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