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Article provided by: Purpose Healing Center - Drug and Alcohol Rehab Scottsdale, Arizona

If you have developed a form of drug addiction, you need to join our inpatient drug rehab in Arizona today! At Purpose Healing Center, we provide high-end medical and psychiatric services, as well as comprehensive spiritual and relapse prevention support to ensure ever-lasting results.

How to deal with a drug addict?

If your son, a parent, or any other family member struggles with addiction, you need to get behind the wheel and convince them to join the rehab. Unfortunately, it might be easier said than done, seeing how most addicts refuse the treatment. That can happen for a many reasons, including shame, fear, or simply not realizing the severity of the situation. If you can’t solve the problem on your own, we are here to help you.

You can call us today, and we will set up an intervention as soon as possible. The intervention relies on an expert’s assistance to open the addict’s eyes on the reality around them, as well as the options available. Staging an intervention will significantly increase the chances of bringing the addict on the right path, but it’s vital to act as soon as possible.

How do interventions work?

The intervention consists of a planned meeting between you, our expert, the patient, and everybody who can contribute to the cause. Here we include other family members, close friends, even distant relatives, and co-workers. Together, everybody will participate in a carefully organized event, which will feature an open discussion between everyone involved. The purpose is to convince the addict to join our inpatient drug rehab in Arizona soon.

It is imperative to make the victim understand that their addiction affects them as well as the people they love. At the same time, they must realize the repercussions of their actions and choices. If they don’t follow the right path, they might lose the support of their family and friends. Having an expert interventionist present during the discussion is essential for keeping the talk on point, and ensure a safe, calm, and comfortable atmosphere.

Is the inpatient treatment effective?

Both older and more recent studies have shown that the inpatient rehab system is the most effective at combating all forms of substance addiction. Even more, patients who graduate from the inpatient care program remain sober for longer and manage to change their lives entirely. The reason for that is the controlled environment, combined with 24/7 assistance and permanent care.

Our experts will supervise the treatment around the clock, making sure you keep progressing in the right direction. If you need support, medical assistance, or moral and spiritual comfort, our professionals will be here to assist you. Our inpatient drug rehab in Arizona ranks among the most effective recovery treatments in the business thanks to its proven effectiveness and history of successes.

At Purpose Healing Center, we offer privacy, convenient insurance coverage, top rehab and recovery services, and vast experience in the field. If you’re ready to regain your freedom from addiction, we will give you the tools to do it. Call us for an appointment and let’s go over the details today!

Inpatient Drug Rehab Arizona

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inpatient substance abuse treatment phoenix az

If you’re experiencing advanced and dangerous withdrawal, you need to contact us, at Purpose Healing Center today! Joining our inpatient substance abuse treatment in Phoenix, AZ, could be your only chance at salvation.

Is my addiction bad enough?

If you are already dealing with symptoms of withdrawal, whenever attempting to quit, yes, your addiction is already in its advanced forms. At this point, we advise you to begin seeking professional assistance. If left untreated, your problems will aggravate with time.

To find out the severity of your situation, we advise you to contact us for urgent clinical assessment. Our professionals will analyze and diagnose your condition better than you ever could. If you need detox services, our inpatient program will provide you with the ideal setting for a maximum of comfort and security during the procedure.

How can I control my addiction?

Unfortunately, you have little chances of controlling your addiction yourself. We are talking about a life-threatening chronic disease with severe long-term consequences, one of which is the recurrent relapse. The majority of the addicts relapse each time they attempt to quit cold turkey, and the more their addiction progresses, the more severe the withdrawal becomes.

We believe that those who think they can control their addiction only fool themselves and they’re doing so at their own expense. The only way to control the disorder is by entering a rehab program, where you will receive medical and psychiatric care, life coaching, and relapse prevention assistance. Joining a high-end inpatient substance abuse treatment in Phoenix, AZ, should be your priority right now.

What happens during rehab?

If you have never participated in a rehabilitation program, here is what you should expect:

Careful preliminary assessment – Our clinician will walk you through a screening process, looking to draw your clinical profile and analyze your health status. We will use the information to tailor the treatment according to your physiological needs.

Medical detoxification services – The medication-assisted detox process aims to stabilize your condition and reduce the impact of the withdrawal. It will also cleanse your system of toxins, restore your mental functioning, and rebalance your behavioral display.

Therapy and spiritual healing – We use a multitude of behavioral and experiential therapies to restore your psychological stability, as well as your spiritual growth. You will grow more confident, acquire more self-esteem, and develop a sense of purpose and belonging.

Life coaching and relapse prevention assistance – We teach all our patients the critical strategies of adopting a healthier lifestyle, free of addiction, and substance abuse. With our help, you will never experience the same pitfalls in the future.

How do you cure addiction?

Although there is no clinical cure for substance addiction, you can manage it by adopting a robust set of prevention strategies. This includes improving your eating, becoming more physically and mentally active, and focusing on reaching your life goals with every passing day. It’s also vital to have your loved ones supporting you along the way.

Purpose Healing Center is a safe haven for people like you, in search of happiness and freedom. Contact our expert today, and take the first step on your path to salvation!

treatment centers in arizona

Purpose Healing Center is among the few rehab facilities that offer holistic treatment, along with a well-rounded rehab experience and therapy recovery. Our treatment centers in Arizona rank among the most successful in the US, and the most reliable in the business.

The best drug and alcohol rehab centers

The ideal rehabilitation center needs to provide you with several features and qualities like:

A complete list of rehab programs – People join rehab in various stages of addiction, which means that they require different approaches. Our rehab facilities feature programs like inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient program (IOP), partial hospitalization program (PHP), and outpatient services. This stratification allows for a more comprehensive recovery experience.

High-end treatment and therapy – The treatment we’re using includes clinical detoxification, medication-assisted services, psychotherapy, spiritual counseling, lifestyle improvements, and more. We have devised our program to ensure long-term benefits and help our patients remain sober for the rest of their lives.

Robust relapse prevention strategy – We are interested in supporting our patients long-term, teaching them how to regain control over their lives. Our objective is to force the disorder into remission and keep it there for good. To achieve that, we offer extensive relapse prevention education and aftercare support through our outpatient services and aftercare program.

Can addiction be cured?

From a clinical perspective, there is no cure for addiction, just as there is none for any known chronic disease. Chronic disorders only enter a remission phase and remain there until meeting the ‘right’ conditions to return. Our mission is to train you to prevent that. At our treatment centers in Arizona, you will participate in regular counseling sessions and educational courses, designed to prepare you for social reintegration.

It is here where you will find out how to cope with your cravings, avoid social triggers, and eliminate all signs of compulsive behavior. Precaution will be your most reliable ally on your journey to sobriety, especially when knowing that there are genetic factors linked to the predisposition towards addiction. You cannot cure it, but you can make sure it never returns to haunt you or the people you love.

Is the rehab treatment effective?

All studies have shown that the rehabilitation treatment is the ideal method of dealing with aggravated forms of addiction. If your condition is volatile, and you require urgent medical assistance, our residential treatment is perfect for the job. The treatment will last for a minimum of 30 days, during which you will receive:

  • Medical detoxification services
  • Medication-assisted treatment for co-occurring disorders
  • Therapy and counseling
  • Advanced psychotherapy and experiential therapies (equine therapy, yoga, meditation, sports activities, etc.)
  • Significant lifestyle improvements (optimized nutrition, improved sleeping schedule, physical activities, etc.)
  • Family counseling and support
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Life coaching, etc.

After completing the inpatient program, you have the option to continue the treatment through our IOP, PHP program, or outpatient care. At our treatment centers in Arizona, we are focused on long-term results, and our approach reflects that entirely. Purpose Healing Center invites you to rediscover your potential and reshape your future on your own terms!

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