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Article provided by: Dr. Bernal Soto Dentist Costa Rica

Dental Implants Costa Rica Reviews

Dental implants Costa Rica reviews 

Over the past two decades, Costa Rica has grown to become the destination of choice for people seeking dental treatment abroad. The quality of care, level of comfort enjoyed by dental tourists, and of course, affordability, are just some of the factors responsible for this tremendous growth. 

Why should you choose Dr. Soto when traveling to Costa Rica for dental work? 

If you are considering dental tourism in Costa Rica, there is no overemphasizing the need to work with the best and most affordable hands in the country. Dr. Bernal Soto ranks high on that list. He is considered as one of the top dentists in Costa Rica for dental implants. Here are some of Dr. Soto’s patient’s dental implants in Costa Rica reviews: 

Want a permanent tickle like Terri’s? 

Terri, a patient from the Bahamas, had this to say when we asked her how her mouth is healing

‘Healing? My dear, I’m healed a long time ago. Everything is well, and I’m tickled when I see people looking and wondering what is different….’

Or you prefer a flood of compliments 

The Eriks, a couple from the USA, recently had their implants at our clinic. And this is the feedback they provided: 

‘Everywhere we go, people are noticing our teeth and complimenting on how nice they are.’ 

The simplest ones touch the most 

Like this heartwarming dental implants in Costa Rica review from Aloha: 

I think fondly of you guys every time I brush my teeth.’ 

Even first-time travelers gush about our practice

Before booking her appointment with us, Honesty H. from the USA had never stepped foot outside of America. But we assured her there’ll be no regrets, and like we always do, we fulfilled our promise. 

‘Dr. Soto and Lori are wonderful! I was a bit nervous about going out of the country for the first time, and they went out of their way to make me feel so comfortable and welcomed. The service was amazing, and I would recommend anyone facing high dental costs here in the US to give Lori a call!’

Beyond the many amazing dental implants in Costa Rica reviews, Dr. Soto’s practice, Da Vinci’s Dental Care also boasts: 

Superior quality: As a world-class dental clinic, our patients are guaranteed the best quality of care they can get anywhere in the world. From the most advanced diagnostic equipment to seamless digital workflow and extremely courteous staff, Da Vinci’s dental care guarantees the best dental care experience ever. 

Convenience and comfort: When you schedule your dental work with us, we send a member of staff to pick you up right from the airport. Often, we encourage our clients to lodge in hotels close to the clinic, and we help them source for the best deals. There’s hardly any other clinic that can match the level of personalize care and comfort our clients enjoy. 

Savings: Even with our premium services, our rates remain as competitive as they can be. If your motivation for dental tourism in Costa Rica is cost savings, you can rest assured we’ll help you save as much as you can. 

Get in touch with Dr. Bernal Soto 

If you’ve been thinking about fixing your implants or having any other dental procedure abroad, Dr. Bernal Soto’s Da Vinci’s Dental Care is the perfect destination for you. We have an impressive track record of providing the best of dental care to tourists, and we are eager to have you on our list of satisfied clients. Contact us today, and we’ll be glad to help. 


Dental Implants Costa Rica Reviews

Why We Have The Best Dental Implants Costa Rica Reviews

dental implants costa rica reviewsYou can never underestimate the power of a beautiful smile and perfect teeth. In fact, studies reveal that a great smile can significantly boost your confidence and self-esteem. At DaVinci’s Dental Care, we believe that everyone deserves that great smile. Our dentist, dr. Soto is highly qualified and experienced in cosmetic dentistry with a keen eye for perfection. Whatever your cosmetic dental goals are, ...
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Dental Implants Costa Rica Reviews
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