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  • Simply Orthodontics Success List
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    S I M P L Y avoid these for SUCCESS!

    Our goal is to provide you with a beautiful smile! What YOU EAT and DO is the key to successful orthodontic treatment.  

    Sticky - Chewy

      Gum (Sugar or Sugarless) Tootsie Rolls Tootsie Pops Blow Pops Carmel’s Carmel Apples Gummy Bears Gummy Worms Toffee Starburst Jelly Beans Fruit Roll-ups Fruit Snacks Now & Laters Licorice Skittles  

    Hard - Crunchy

      Chips Taco Shells Hard Candy Pretzels Jolly Ranchers Jaw Breakers Pizza Crust Suckers Popcorn Nuts (Food And Candy With Nuts)  

    Other Orthodontic "No-No's"

      Lip Biting Biting Fingernails Chewing On Pencils or Pens Tearing or Opening Things with Your Teeth Cookies (Dunk Them In Milk) Carrots-Apples-Cut Into Pieces Hard Breads - Tear Small Pieces Corn On The Cob - Cut Off Cob Meat - Cut Off Bone  

    Foods You Can Still Enjoy

      Peanut Butter Cups Pasta Cheese Yogurt Chocolate Use common sense!  
    • Hard foods: break or damage wires and brackets
    • Sticky foods: get caught between brackets and wires.
    • Sugary foods: cause tooth decay and related problems.
    • Chewing on hard objects: break or damage your braces.
      Teeth move their best with the braces on the teeth.   YOUR HELP is the key to successful orthodontics.   Check your braces occasionally for anything loose or bent. If a brace or band comes loose, or you break a wire, it’s not a problem! Call us and we can fix it.